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iOS Developer


Posted on October 17 by

SidelineSwap, Boston, MA, USA

SidelineSwap is growing. With recent funding, we're hiring an iOS Engineer to take ownership of native iOS development. 

100% hands-on with iOS/Swift development but also the opportunity to wear several hats. 

As we grow, you will have the opportunity to build and lead a team, and/or specialize as a heavy-lifting engineer... Chart your own path and keep your options open.

The development philosophy and culture is largely waiting for you to shape, but rooted in principles including:
  • Autonomy - Make your own choices, but take responsibility for those choices
  • Pragmatism - Constantly balancing short-term priorities with moving towards long-term goals
  • Velocity - Prioritizing rhythm & velocity (time-to-fix) vs. process, permission, and paralysis
  • Evolution - recognize every company and team is a living organism, and requires constant evolution -- have an open mind

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Boston, MA

Required experience: iOS, 3 years

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