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Security Engineer - Malware Analysis macOS


Posted on April 26 by

VMRay GmbH, Bochum / Germany


We are looking for a new Software Engineer focused on macOS. Your main task will be to research, design, and implement effective detection rules based on results from our static and dynamic analysis. You will be responsible for identifying typical malware behavior patterns by analyzing macOS malware and eventually turning your findings into detection rules. You will collaborate with the rest of the development team to provide insights that help improve the efficacy and performance of VMRay Analyzer. The job requires a strong interest in gaining an in-depth understanding of macOS internals, such as official and unofficial APIs, binary file formats, kernel internals, etc. You will have to keep yourself and the team up to date with the current macOS malware landscape.


  • Strong interest in macOS internals and malware analysis
  • Good knowledge of macOS API
  • Proficient with Python programming or at least one similar high-level programming language
  • Experience in malware analysis is a plus
  • Fluent in English
  • On-site employment at our headquarters in Bochum (partial remote work possible)

About us:

VMRay delivers advanced threat analysis and detection that combines a unique agentless hypervisor-based network sandbox with a real-time reputation engine. The combination provides both fast, high volume file classification and deep malware analysis. The VMRay Analyzer is platform independent and highly scalable, the result of a decade of R&D by some of the world’s leading experts on dynamic malware analysis. By monitoring at the hypervisor level, it is undetectable by malware running in the target operating system. VMRay serves leading enterprises around the world.

VMRay was founded by Carsten Willems and Ralf Hund. Prior to VMRay, they collaborated for years in several academic projects, such as the dynamic behavior analysis of malware, clustering and classification of malicious code, vulnerability research of Windows systems, and reversing/breaking the encryption of contemporary satellite phones. After each receiving their Ph.D., they founded VMRay to transform their deep expertise in malware research into useful ways to make the on-line world a more secure place.

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