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Senior iOS Developer


Posted on May 08 by

Loot Financial Services, London

About Loot

At Loot, we believe that students and young people should be able to go out and do the things they love without worrying about money or relying on an overdraft. Whether they’re saving for a night out, an around the world trip or even saving for a mortgage on a house - we’ll help you get there.

Based in London, Poznań and Białystok, we are a small team of motivated and hardworking individuals - with a shared love for Disco music. We're unified by the satisfaction we feel from fussing over the finer details of everything from UX to our API.

About the role

As iOS Engineer at Loot you'll be helping us create the most incredible banking app on the App Store. You'd be an integral part of the direction and purpose of everything we do and, with your experience, influence the tools we use and the dependencies that our codebase has (or doesn’t have). Moreover, you will be helping to guide our roadmap and ingrain our values in our product as a Team Leader.

The banking industry is known for having terrible UX. A lot of the problems you'll be solving will surround creating great user experiences that don't exist today. These problems are tough. Data on the scale of banking in such complexity of stats and figures is not often seen in other apps.

You'll be working to simplify the user experience and help the user get to the answers (not stats) that they want in as little amount of taps as possible. This will involve managing data from our API, transforming it and displaying it in intuitive, clear UI.

  • Take ownership of your tasks, from idea to implementation and recognise the tradeoffs 🙅‍.
  • Collaborate with designers and engineers.
  • Design, architect, write, maintain and debug our iOS app.
  • Re-imagine features and build new and innovative ideas.

Must have
  • Experience in developing and shipping native iOS apps.
  • Up to speed with everything Swift has to offer.
  • Familiar with writing unit and UI tests.
  • Ability to collaborate across engineering and design teams.
  • You're able to work in our London office
  • Just like us, you want to become the best in what you do.

Nice to have (but not at all required)
  • Computer science background
  • Rich knowledge of OSS/3rd party tools and frameworks
  • Experience with creating animations using frameworks such as Core Animation and/or Sprite Kit
  • Experience in Ruby or GoLang
  • Encryption and security experience
  • You contribute to OSS, or better still, maintain your own OSS projects
  • Experience in playing Mario Kart

PLEASE NOTE: Loot will only accept applications from candidates legally allowed to work within the UK. We will not be providing visa sponsorships for this role.

Loot philosophy and culture

Strong opinions

Our team work really hard to get everything right. We're believers in 1000 no's to every yes. The work we do is the product of many discussions involving many opinions and ideas. Everyone's idea/opinion is welcome, in fact, we encourage everyone to share theirs, especially strong ones, but these should be held loosely when it comes to presenting them to the team.
We're looking to bring on people who will inject new opinions and ideas, just as we'll show them our ideas and opinions, changing everyone for the better.


Carrying on from sharing opinions and ideas - we think diverse collaboration is key to making great products and software. Although this job description is predominantly for an engineer who would spend most of their time working on our iOS app, there would be nothing to stop them from submitting a pull request for one of our Ruby Gems (or any other project). Again, we'd encourage it. And it doesn't stop there. Got an idea for some UI changes? Speak to Nick, our UI designer. Got some ideas for marketing or features, speak to Ollie or Chris. And expect these same people to potentially approach you with some ideas for the iOS app. Our workflow is very much like managing an open source software project. Changes are made, PRs are opened, tests are run, reviews and discussions are had, changes perhaps get made again, code gets merged. Any engineer could feedback on any other engineer's PR, it doesn't matter what their discipline is, although PRs will commonly be reviewed by another in your field.

Open source

Aaaaaand carrying on from collaboration - we like open source development a lot, and where we can we share our work and contribute to projects. We hope to open source more of our projects as we get more time and resource to do so. Ultimately this is because we feel that the world can build better software when it works together. We couldn't have launched so quickly without using some great OSS frameworks. We think using (and perhaps improving) an existing project rather than re-inventing it is way better for everyone.

When our team contributes to the community:
  • They learn a lot by working with even more people
  • They have a greater presence, meaning that finding others to collaborate with is easier
  • Our projects benefit from the insight and experience of many others
  • They and we get the wonderful satisfaction of helping others just by doing our usual job
This is why we want our team to strive to be leaders in their fields, having a strong presence in their communities, be it via activity online (social, blog, OSS) or at conferences and meet-ups (hopefully both).

Why Loot?

  • Talented and leading; We like having a team of great people that can learn from and be inspired by each other
  • Collaboration is key; there’s no such thing as pulling rank here
  • A balance of focus and motivation with chill out and fun
  • Fun and exciting FinTech Startup, supported by industry professionals
  • Endless supply of freshly ground coffee and EBT (English Breakfast Tea)
  • Employee options scheme
  • Market-rate salaries
  • Nice, high-spec tech setup
  • Yes, we do have a ping-pong table

How to apply?

Hand it to a friend or foe!